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Welcome and Thank you for visiting Jazmena Birmans.

My name is Michelle Grayson and what started as simply adding two new pampered pets to the family in 2011 has turned into so much more - a love of the Birman breed, showing and breeding. We are a small cattery based in South West Sydney. Being a small cattery, our kittens are raised indoor with us as family pets with as much love and attention as our other resident cats that "own" us.

We are a registered breeder with the NSW Cat Fanciers Association, and attend many shows during the year. We are also a member of the Birman Cat Club of Australia.

Any questions or enquiries will be answered as soon as possible.

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CCCA Grand Champion & NSW CFA Diamond Gold Double Grand Champion & ACT Double Grand Champion Kriska Sweet Jewel - Willow - chocolate point spay.

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